Change Azure Subscriptions–Go directly to a specific Subscription in Windows Azure–Step-By-Step


In Windows Azure you can go to the Management Portal at  In doing so, it will log you in to the default account or the account that is tied to your current live id.  If you have multiple subscriptions where the currently logged in user has access, you can get there by clicking on the “subscriptions” at the top of the portal (just to the left of your login name and the globe” then select the dropdown you would like to use.


If you do not have access to the other accounts, you can grant yourself access by logging in to the other accounts and adding administrators.  See  Adding or Manage Administrator users To Windows Azure Step-By-Step


However, if you want to go directly to an account, you can put the account name in the url (Address Bar).  it would look like this:

Examples:    or


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