Staggering Numbers – War, Spanish Flu and Covid-19 – Must READ and Share

  • 50 million died from Spanish flu more than died in WW1, 
  • Americans died from the Spanish flu =670,000 (1-year);
  • Spanish flu infected 1/3 of the world’s population
  • US combat deaths….
    • World War I. 53,402 dead (1 year)
    • WW2 291,557 US dead ( 6 years)
    • Vietnam 47,434 (20 years)
    • Korea 33,686 (3 years)
    • All wars 666,441 (many decades)
  • Covid-19 just under 3 million dead.
    • US 530,000 or 736,397 if including pneumonia and influenza as of 3/26/2021 ( 1 year)
  • Sept 11, 2001 2,997 (1 day)

The US has lost more people to Covid-19 than combat deaths in all wars in our history combined except the civil war which had American losses on both sides (214,938) [avg daily deaths 449] and we are on track to have to add that to the list in 2021. We are still losing more than double the number of people we lost per day from the civil war.

Covid-19 has now beat out Cancer, Heart Attack, and every other disease as the leading cause of death! As we approach the Spanish Flu Numbers (670,000) and All combat deaths in all our wars in our entire history: 666,441 (many decades). Let’s pray we do not get there!!! We have to do more than pray…

The numbers are staggering, wear a mask, and get the vaccine

and please, tell everyone you know to wear a mask and get the vaccine!

Please Share Broadly, Together we can make a difference.
Thank You