Accelerate DevOps with the Cloud – Configuration Management (Part 7)

In part 7 of our “Accelerate DevOps with the Cloud” series on TechNet Radio, Keith Mayer and Yung Chou welcome Sr. Program Manager Michael Greene to the show as they discuss the importance of configuration management for organizations that are starting to leverage the cloud for their daily operations. Tune in as they also demo PowerShell DSC and show us how it can be used with Azure.

• [2:30] When an organization is beginning to leverage the cloud, why is Configuration Management important?
• [5:01] How is Configuration Management different from Automation?
• [6:48] Is Configuration Management more than just initial provisioning?
• [10:29] What tools and resources are available to perform Configuration Management?
• [13:03] How does PowerShell DSC differ from PowerShell scripts?
• [15:11] Is PowerShell DSC specific to only Windows workloads?
• [17:23] DEMO: Can you show us how PowerShell DSC can be leveraged with Azure?

Download the PowerShell DSC Resource Kit here!

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