Accelerate DevOps with the Cloud – Automating for Predictability (Part 6)

Continuing our “Accelerate DevOps with the Cloud” series on TechNet Radio, Yung Chou welcomes Sr. Program Manager Charles Joy to the show as they discuss the be the importance of automation in your datacenter especially when it comes to advancing your DevOps strategy.

• [2:36] How does automation help organizations accelerate the delivery of new solutions as they move to the Cloud?
• [5:18] What tools and resources are available to help IT Pros get started with automation? Do they need to be a professional “scripter”?
• [6:04] Do IT Pros need to learn a different set of tools for automating each component?
• [6:26] If an IT Pro is automating cloud resources in Azure, do they have to spin up an entire set of infrastructure components just to handle automation? How does Azure automation organize and leverage these automation sequences?
• [7:22] How can Runbooks be triggered? Based on schedule? Based on other events?
• [8:24] Is Azure Automation extensible? Can I incorporate other PowerShell modules?
• [9:10] DEMO: Quick walkthrough of Azure Automation accounts, assets, runbooks, schedule

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