Guru vs. Community Radio Coming Soon

In an upcoming episode of Guru vs. Radio we discuss how the local technology community is taking to the massive wave of new products coming from Microsoft.  Video should be available in September, please stay tuned!

A HUGE Thank You to:

  • Lee Benjamin
  • John J Ross
  • Ron  Thibeau
  • Clyde Johnson
  • Geoff Varosky
  • Andrew Novick
  • Tim Mangan
  • Bill Wilder

For their support in an upcoming episode of Guru vs. Radio where we talk about Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Virtualization, Cloud and a whole bunch more.

Just some of our discussion…

1)  What community events are you planning or expecting to plan related to the new technology?

2)  How do you think IT Professionals will prioritize their time with all the “choices” available for learning?

3)  What does all the new “Cloud” functionality coming mean to businesses with the new wave of technologies?

4)  What new technology are you most excited about and why?

Much more…

Thank you all very much!