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Keep up with industry trends, how we should be thinking about our business, how technology changes coming will likely impact us and our business and plenty more.  Gain access to shortcuts in keeping up with technology, preparing yourself and your business for the future and much, much more.

Did you know that Microsoft still does product “Launch Events”?  Did you know that Microsoft still does “TechNet Events”?  Did you know that Microsoft still does “IT-Camp Events”?  You may not realize it but if you have not gotten an invite lately it is simply because you have not been LUCKY!

Before today, Microsoft did not have an official “Events” newsletter so they had no way of letting you know what events are coming up.  What they did was simply buy a list of names based on some criteria, then email to that list to send out invites.  If you were lucky enough to be on the purchased list, you got an invite.  If not, well you never found out about it.  Don’t miss another Launch or TechNet event, community event, partner event, any event!  Subscribe Now!!

You know lots of new stuff is coming up with SQL Server advancements, Azure Stack and Azure Advancements, Launch of Windows 10 Enterprise, Advanced Security capabilities, Windows Server 2016, Docker, Microservices, Containers and much, much more.

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