Windows 10 and Office LAUNCH event Nov 10!


You’re Invited to Attend!


Learn why Windows 10 is the best platform for business. Join Microsoft Experts for deep-dive discussions, demos and hands-on experiences

    • Security: Understand Device Guard, Secure Boot, Enterprise Data Protection with Office and next gen biometrics.
    • Manageability: Stay current with new deployment and management solutions such as Windows as a Service and MDM.
    • Productivity: Learn how Office, Windows Store for Business and Internet Explorer 11 help your users get more done.
    • Innovative Devices: Check out the hottest hardware, including the new Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, Lumia 950 and partner innovations.
    • Join us for happy hour! Engage with fellow IT Pros and certified partners and share ideas about simplifying IT management & empowering users.
    • Get free, EXCLUSIVE giveaways and enter for a chance to win new devices and much more!
    • Take advantage of expert instruction in our hands-on labs. Limited spots available!
This event has session tracks for both IT Pros and Developers. Click ‘learn more’ to see track agendas.


9:30am 10:00am Registration
10:00am 10:10am Opening Remarks and Welcome
10:15am 11:00am Keynote
  IT Pro and Developer Tracks
11:10am 12:30pm IT Pro: Identity and Security

The modern business world is fraught with security challenges for IT: How do you stay cost effective and protect your business information? How do you enable people to work where they need to? How do you prevent the types of attacks you read about? This session will teach you how to move users away from easily phished, guessed or shared passwords with Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport, protect credentials from common attack vectors such as pass-the-hash and protect your company’s information from accidental data leakage.


11:10am 12:00pm Developer: Adaptive UI

Lecture (20 min)

Learn design principles for Windows 10, and how Windows makes design easier for developers with adaptive controls. We will show you on how to approach designing your own UWP apps – designing a single app running across multiple devices.  Build an adaptive UI using View States, Adaptive Triggers, and more.


Follow Along Lab (40 min)

Hands on lab using new Adaptive Triggers tooling in Blend

12:00pm 1:30pm Lunch:

12:00pm – 1:00pm Developer Attendees

12:30pm – 1:30pm IT Pro Attendees

1:00pm 1:30pm Developer: Live Tiles, Notifications and Action Center

Lecture (10 min)

Discover how to define tile content using flexible templates and increase user productivity by handling simple interactions directly through new interactive notifications without having to launch the app. See some of the new templates available and learn how to integrate your app with Action Center.


Follow Along Lab (20 min)

Demo connecting interactive toast to background task.

1:30pm 2:30pm IT Pro: Apps and Browsers

In Windows 10 we heard your feedback and worked hard to address one of the most common concerns of any business, that resolving application compatibility problems is costly and time consuming. Windows 10 brings you unparalleled levels of application compatibility with your existing apps, along with IT tools to manage the cases where app and browser compatibility concerns might slow down your business agility. This session will show you how.


Developer: Edge and Hosted Web Apps

Lecture (20 min)

Learn how to create universal Windows apps and deploy a simple app package to the Store that references your existing website. Integrate with Windows 10 thru UWP APIs.


Follow Along Labs (40 min)

Web View

Hosted Web Apps

2:30pm 3:30pm IT Pro: Configuration Management

The way your business works today has undoubtedly evolved, requiring you to have the ability to configure and protect your identities, devices, applications and data. The techniques you already know are valid, but there are more flexible, cost effective ways to do some of what you’re used to. In this session we will dive into the new configuration management tools such as provisioning packages and mobile device management, uncovering how they can help you be more productive.


Developer: Building an Azure Backend

Lecture (20 min)
Learn how to integrate Azure App Services within your apps, implement REST services, add authentication and send notifications from the cloud.

Follow Along Labs (40 min)
Connecting to Azure App Service Mobile App
Offline sync support
Adding authentication against AAD

Break: Partner & Device Showcase
4:00pm 5:30pm IT Pro: Continuous Innovation

The world changes quickly and you need to help your business keep up. Windows was built as a service to help you embrace the latest enhancements, but we know you need to provide predictability for your business. In this session you’ll learn how Windows as a Service will help you deliver the agility your business demands – including Windows Update for Business and how your existing tools and systems can adapt to meet your business demands.


4:15pm 5:15pm Developer: More Personal Computing

Lecture (20 min)

Learn how you can take user interaction beyond keyboard and mouse with Windows Hello and Face recognition, Speech input and integration with Cortana, enabling inking support and adding sharing and drag and drop.


Follow Along Lab (40 min)

Voice Commands and Cortana integration


5:15pm 5:45pm Developer: Submitting your app to the Store

Discover how to package your app and submit it the new Windows Store, a single store for all of the different types of Windows apps. Explore some of the opportunities for monetization, such as advertising and in-app purchases.


Happy Hour: Partner & Device Showcase

Ask the Experts