TechNet Radio: Data in the Cloud (Part 5) – Process and Support Terabytes of Data on Azure

In part 5 of our Data in the Cloud series, Dan Stolts welcomes Silvano Coriani to the show as they discuss cloud app design possibilities and how to support high volume applications in Azure.

  • [3:40] How does processing large-scale OLTP workloads on Azure SQL Database with Elastic Scale work? What are the benefits?
  • [6:32] How can one manage big data base workloads with Azure SQL DB?
  • [11:12] Let’s Dive into the technology a bit deeper…  What’s a shard, how is it used and by whom?
  • [26:44] What does all this complexity mean to Developers DBAs and infrastructure Engineers?
  • [32:36] Does this relate at all to other technologies like Azure Storage and DocumentDB?
  • [35:08] How does our Elastic Scale compare to other cloud providers like Amazon?
  • [38:38] Is this something startups might care about?
  • [42:48] How can they leverage this technology?

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