Need Software For Your NEW Business? BizSpark Offers Help NOW

Microsoft’s BizSpark program is an excellent way to get free software for your new business.  Here is some of what it offers:



  • 3 years free software/Development Tools
  • Windows Azure Credits $200 first month/$150 thereafter


  • Professional technical and product support
  • Unique offers from Network Partners


  • Profile, Offers and Events
  • Connection to the ecosystem
  • Opportunities for showcase, visibility (events, social media)


Did you notice the Free Windows Azure?  Yes, $200 first month/$150 thereafter of Azure services.  Need help getting started with Windows Azure?  Check out: Getting Started With Windows Azure–Step-By-Step  Lots more Azure step-by-step posts coming soon!!!


There are limitations on the program…

Your startup must be:

  • Developing Software?
  • Privately held?
  • Less than 5 years old?
  • Making less than US $1M in annual revenue?

Check out the full details at: BizSpark