Where Is The Best Virtualization and Cloud Technical Content?

VTUG is looking for the best online technical content in the world.  Why?  Because our members spend hours upon hours doing research duplicating the research process literally millions of times!  VTUG wants to aggregate the best content on their site so members have a single place to go to get the best info about IT.   

This is where you come in.  If everyone of you found one, two, ten or twenty pieces of great content, we could have thousands of articles, webcasts, blog entries, presentations, etc. that are easy to access. This would cut down a huge amount of time for members doing arduous research.  So, VTUG came up with what they thought was a pretty great idea – VTUG will develop a contest with some awesome prizes in which everyone who contributes great content will win.   

The following information is from their website: http://www.vtug.com/content-contest/

Here’s how it works:

–     We are looking for the best content on the Internet that pertains to virtualization and associated solutions and technology.  The categories include server virtualization, storage, VDI, data protection, backup, cloud computing, networking and security

–     We are looking for articles, blogs, reports, webcasts, presentations and podcasts that pertain to the categories listed above. 

–     Our only criterion is that the content has to be really useful.  If you find an article is actually useful, insightful and informative, chances are others will too.  Ask yourself this question – will your peers get value out of the content?  It doesn’t have to be the best written or super polished – it just has to be valuable to your peers.

–    We want content that is technical and actionable.  Ask this question – will IT professionals be able to walk away with real knowledge that can be applied in their environments? 

–    If you want to participate, then login if you are a member.  If you are not a member, become one!

–    Submit entries below.  And the more you submit, the greater your chances are of winning! 

–    Quality counts too!  We review every piece of content. Unfortunately if we don’t approve your content then it won/t count.  We will send you an email if your content was approved. 

–     And duplicates don’t count either.  If someone else provided us with that same entry before you, then we will send you an email indicating that we already received that entry. 

–     Okay, so what do you get out of it?  First, everyone that provides us with content (that we accept) gets paid! VTUG will give $5.00 for every entry that is original and of good quality.  So if you give us 100 entries (that we accept) then it adds up pretty nicely.  Of course we do have to cap it since we do not have an infinite amount of funding.  Overall, we are going to accept up to 1,000 entries.  VTUG will tally up how many entries you submitted  on January 31, 2013 and send a gift card to you for your contributions. 

–     One other thing – we have to cap each category.  I know it’s getting a little complicated.  We will accept up to 250 entries on server virtualization, 200 on storage, 200 on data protection, 100 on VDI, 100 on backup, 50 on cloud computing, 50 on networking and 50 on security.  And all of it has to relate to virtualization.  We will keep a tally on the right side of this page of how many entries are in each category so you can see what we need.

–     We will have a drawing on January 17, 2013 at our Winter Warmer event announcing the winner.  That winner will receive a $1,000 Gift Card.  Anyone can win whether you give us one piece of content or one thousand.  Now here is the important part: Every time you give us a piece of content that we accept, you have another chance to win the grand prize.  So the more quantity/quality content you give us, the greater your chances of winning. 

–     If you have any questions or issues please contact us at info@vtug.com


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This is NOT a Microsoft program, I am simply helping raise awareness of this great program!


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