Virtualization Gets Lots of Attention by Microsoft US East Region Evangelists – Great Resources!

The rest of the stuff you asked for (feature comparison charts) will be posted soon. If anyone knows of some already posted, please let me know.
Virtualization Blog Posts from the US East IT Pro Evangelists. This is not a complete list of the virtualization related topics these guys have posted. I wanted to show you what you may be missing if you are not subscribing to their blogs. I also wanted to give you a single place to look for information on the Microsoft Virtualization Stack!!
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By Dan Stolts

By Yung Chou

By John Baker

By Blain Barton

By Bob Hunt

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
Session Virtualization  

Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V)
Windows Virtual PC


Application Virtualization

Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V)


Data and User Settings Virtualization
Folder Redirection
Offline Files
Roaming Profiles


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