Windows Azure Delete Storage, Containers, Disks and Images Step-By-Step

To delete storage click Storage then click the container then click Delete

Error:“Storage account gurulabstor1309 has 1 container(s) which have an active image and/or disk artifacts. Ensure those artifacts are removed from the image repository before deleting this storage account.”

Go to Storage –> Double-Click on Storage to go to the detail/dashboard –> Click Containers click the Container .. Select Delete (on the bottom of the screen)

If you get an error like:

“The following virtual machine disks use blobs in this container, so the container cannot be deleted: GuruLabAD1309-GuruLabAD1309-0-201309111347490570, GuruLabDB1309-GuruLabDB1309-0-201309121956570430”

then you have disks or images that need to be deleted first…

If you want to delete the storage account, you need to delete any images/disks you have remaining in that storage account.

Go to Virtual Machines -> “Disks” or “Images” tab -> select the images/disks that you have located in the Storage Account you want to delete -> then hit the “Delete disk” or “delete image” command. Back these up if you need before hitting the delete.

Once the images/disks in the storage account have been deleted, you should be able to delete the containers and the storage account.