Step-by-Step: Setting up Management with Windows Azure (Part 8 of 31 Days IaaS ) – Brian Lewis

The Jan 8th edition of 31 Days of Server (VMs) in the Cloud is now live at Setting up Management (8 of 31)Brian Lewis shows us Step-By-Step how to install and use the free tools available for managing your Windows Azure infrastructure.

Managing your Cloud based servers in the Windows Azure IAAS web based management portal works great. It is the place to start out creating and managing servers, but if you want to automate and script your management or even do advanced management tasks that the portal doesn’t provide – then you need the Azure Command line tools. There are tools for Windows, Mac, and Linux. On Mac and Linux you run Java Script tools, but the most powerful tools are the Azure PowerShell tools that you run on Windows. Surprised? (update: PHP was added in addition to Java Script) …


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Get Started Now – Create a free Windows Azure Account (NOTE: Free Account requires a Credit Card during registration but you will NOT be billed if you do not manually change your account to a Production/Pay Account)

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