Apr 14

PowerShell working with Azure Resource Manager RM – Step By Step Changing RM Subscriptions

There are two different types resource modes in Azure.  One is the Service Manager (classic) and the other is the new Resource Manager.   Resource Manager is the new model and much, much better for a bunch of reasons.  Those reasons … Continue reading

Feb 27

IT Pro Con NY (Techstravaganza) March 25-registration Now Open

The conference formerly known as “New York City Techstravaganza” will now be called “IT Pro Con NY”. It is a one-day grassroots technical conference for IT Pros that is brought to you by a few of the local community groups … Continue reading

Feb 19

ITProGuru Events Newsletter 2016-02 Iowa Caucus app, Free Azure Architect Training, Talent Gap and MUCH MORE


Previously: Jan Edition,  Feb Edition, … View Online Current Version at http://itproguru.com/newsletter ITProGuru Events  Microsoft Official Newsletter 2/18/2016 Edition: 2016 Vol 2 Jump to: ♦ TechNet Events ♦ Online ♦ Community Events ♦ Third Party Events ♦ Subscribe Now ♦ … Continue reading

Feb 18

How To Deploy Nano Server Windows Server 2016 Step-By-Step Plus Great Tips on Managing Nano Server

Nano Server is a new and super small footprint of Windows Server 2016.  You do not deploy by using the setup like you do with other versions of the OS. Nano Server is deployed via PowerShell.  The files and scripts … Continue reading

Jan 27

GUI Form Using PowerShell Add Panel, Label, Edit box, Combo Box, List Box, CheckBox and More!!!

Demonstrate how create and work with GUI Forms using PowerShell. Shows how to create Forms, add labels, text boxes, panels, combo boxes, Pick Lists, and more. Shows how to populate all fields including picklists and combobox lists and work with … Continue reading

Aug 24

Provision Storage Configuration with PowerShell-Part 2 of Using Storage Spaces Deployment Guide

ProvisionStorageConfiguration.ps1 https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/Storage-Spaces-Automated-3caf249a After hardware validation, you can begin creating Storage Pools and Virtual disks from the disks. Run the ProvisionStorageConfiguration.ps1 script with: PS>> .\ProvisionStorageConfiguration.ps1 PS>> .\ProvisionStorageConfiguration.ps1 -Automated PS>> .\ProvisionStorageConfiguration.ps1 –PhysicalDisks <physical disk objects> The first option is recommended and will … Continue reading

Aug 24

Automating and Testing Storage Spaces Performance with PowerShell Part 1 of Deployment Guide

This is the first of a two part series on “Automating and Testing Storage Spaces Performance with PowerShell-Part 1of Using Storage Spaces Deployment Guide”  In the series, we walk through the Storage Spaces Deployment Guide for Automation Scripts.  This guide … Continue reading

Mar 26

How To Get Started Automating Azure Infrastructure As A Service with PowerShell Step-By-Step

Getting Started with PowerShell for Azure Install PowerShell Azure Module: The first thing we have to do is download the Azure PowerShell Module.  You can get to it from http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/downloads/ (uses Web Platform Installer) Click on install and follow the … Continue reading

Mar 25

How To Remove Azure Accounts (Cached Credentials) From PowerShell Remove-AzureAccount for ALL Accounts Step-By-Step

Have you ever noticed that sometimes PowerShell gets confused regarding accounts?  I have many Azure Accounts and many subscriptions so it happens to me all the time. When you change from one Account to another and set the subscription for … Continue reading

Feb 23

Azure PowerShell Getting Started Authenticate with Certificate

Scroll Down Command-line Tools Select Install

Before we can connect to Azure with PowerShell, we need to download the Azure PowerShell Module. Download and install the Windows Azure PowerShell Tools. Scroll down to Command-line Tools, under Windows PowerShell; click Install. Several components will be installed, you … Continue reading

Jan 22

Powershell Script to Create Registry Files to Change Powershell Execution Policy

In a prior post, I showed you how to manually configure your computer to enable ExecutionPolicy so you can run Powershell scripts.  To make it even better, I now have a powershell script that will create the .REG files you … Continue reading

Jan 28

Inside Windows Azure Online Backup Using PowerShell Step-By-Step

Prerequisites – before we get started! For a complete list of Windows Azure Backup PowerShell cmdlets see: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh770400.aspx To Install Windows Azure Backup see Backup Windows Server Using Windows Azure Backup Step-By-Step To enable PowerShell for use with Windows Azure … Continue reading

Jan 28

Install Windows Azure PowerShell Cmdlets Step-By-Step Connect to Windows Azure Includes Importing MSOnlineBackup Module

There are two ways you can authenticate to Windows Azure.  You can store a username and password or you can use a certificate.  If you want to authenticate with a password see How to: Connect to your subscription My preference … Continue reading

Nov 12

What’s New in Windows Server 2012 R2 Lessons Learned Week 3

More great stories from Microsoft Technology Evangelists…   Backup Windows Server 2012 R2 to Windows Azure #WhyWin2012R2 – If you have a small number of servers to protect and you currently have no backup solution, you are using the in … Continue reading