Beyond IaaS for the IT Pro (Part 21 of 31)

The 21st edition of 31 Days of Server (VMs) in the Cloud is now live at Beyond IaaS for the IT Pro (Part 21 of 31) In this edition, Bill Wilder explains in great detail the differences between IaaS and PaaS and what IT Pro’s need to know to succeed in the cloud.

As technology professionals we need to be careful about how we spend our time. Unless we want short careers, we find time to keep us with at least some new technologies, but there isn’t time in anyone’s day to keep up with every technology. We have to make choices.

For the IT Pro looking at cloud technologies, the IaaS capabilities are a far more obvious area on which to spend time than PaaS capabilities. In this post, we’ll take a peek into PaaS. The goal is to clarify the difference between IaaS and PaaS, understand what PaaS is uniquely good for, and offer some reasons why a busy IT Pro might want to invest some time learning about PaaS.

While the concepts in this point can apply generally to many platforms – including public and private clouds, Microsoft technologies and competing solutions – this post focuses on IaaS and PaaS capabilities within the Windows Azure Cloud Platform. Virtual machines and SQL databases are highlighted since these are likely of greatest interest to the IT Pro.


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