Apr 26

How to Upgrade (install) Windows 10 PHONE or Downgrade (Uninstall) Windows 10 PHONE + Band 2.0 not able to sync Step-By-Step

I have to start with I LOVE Windows 10 Phone.  It is way better than 8.1.  It does have one downside and that is that it is still BETA software.  I have been using Windows 10 phone now for about … Continue reading

Mar 30

Everything You Need To Know About State Of The Art SSD Drives NVMe PCIe M2 with Paul Braren and ITProGuru

Recent SSD performance has catapulted storage capabilities into a new level of reality. Learn about this new technology. Paul Braren shares insights about the technology, how to install it, how to measure performance and most importantly what you can expect … Continue reading

Mar 02

How To Cleanup Email Address in Excel, Split User Name from Email, Extract Email Address

After downloading some email addresses from a registration database, I found that people use all different sorts of formats for the emails.  Unless of course you do checking when collecting the data.  Well, I had thousands of emails that I … Continue reading

Feb 19

ITProGuru Events Newsletter 2016-02 Iowa Caucus app, Free Azure Architect Training, Talent Gap and MUCH MORE


Previously: Jan Edition,  Feb Edition, … View Online Current Version at http://itproguru.com/newsletter ITProGuru Events  Microsoft Official Newsletter 2/18/2016 Edition: 2016 Vol 2 Jump to: ♦ TechNet Events ♦ Online ♦ Community Events ♦ Third Party Events ♦ Subscribe Now ♦ … Continue reading

Feb 10

TechNet Radio: (Part 1) Certification Exam Jump Start 70-534 Prerequisites: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

70-534 Event Coming Soon

Cloud Architects are among the top demanded positions today.  They are also very high paying and garner an enormous amount of respect and prestige. Would you make a good Architect? Are you interested in becoming certified in architecting Microsoft Azure … Continue reading

Mar 26

How To Get Started Automating Azure Infrastructure As A Service with PowerShell Step-By-Step

Getting Started with PowerShell for Azure Install PowerShell Azure Module: The first thing we have to do is download the Azure PowerShell Module.  You can get to it from http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/downloads/ (uses Web Platform Installer) Click on install and follow the … Continue reading

Mar 25

How To Remove Azure Accounts (Cached Credentials) From PowerShell Remove-AzureAccount for ALL Accounts Step-By-Step

Have you ever noticed that sometimes PowerShell gets confused regarding accounts?  I have many Azure Accounts and many subscriptions so it happens to me all the time. When you change from one Account to another and set the subscription for … Continue reading

Mar 23

Azure Cloud Certification Jump Start 70-532, 70-533, 70-534 Exam Preparation

This article includes: Tips, Tricks and Field Experiences Inside the Exams and Where to go to learn on 70-532 – Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions 70-533 – Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions 70-534 – Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions This article is … Continue reading

Mar 12

How To Move or Migrate SQL Server Workload to Azure SQL Database Cloud Services or Azure VM – All version of SQL Server – Step-By-Step

There are many options for migrating SQL databases to Azure. With the latest technology you can move just the database and log files, or you can move the entire system. You could move to Azure SQL Database or you could … Continue reading

Feb 23

How To Use SysInternals Junction.exe to Delete Windows.Old After Upgrading Windows Step-By-Step

I had on my to do list to write a detailed post on how to remove the Windows.Old folder after upgrading.  While reading through some Rick Claus I noticed he already had a great post on it.  Thanks Rick, you … Continue reading

Jan 22

Powershell Script to Create Registry Files to Change Powershell Execution Policy

In a prior post, I showed you how to manually configure your computer to enable ExecutionPolicy so you can run Powershell scripts.  To make it even better, I now have a powershell script that will create the .REG files you … Continue reading

Oct 28

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Windows 8.1 Keyboard And Mouse – Shortcuts Galore

How do you navigate in a touch world without a touch device?  I am glad you asked.  This post will address that question in great detail but we will also look at all the other great things you can do … Continue reading

Oct 26

How to Hide, Replace, Empty, Format (blank) values with an empty field in an Excel Pivot Table without using filters –Step-By-Step

I have been struggling with this for a while.  Excel puts the word (blank) on  a pivot table field if it does not have any data.  I want the field displayed without data.  I see in Excel 2013 there is … Continue reading

Sep 23

How To Create Windows Server for Remote Desktop (RDP) To Be Used While Port 3389 is Blocked-Azure VM Step-By-Step PLUS Anywhere Access Configuration

You could of course manually configure RDP to listen on different ports to allow connection from other standard or non-standard ports.  In my case, I need to be able to RDP to an Azure Virtual Machine from a local school … Continue reading