Sep 02

How To Allow Remote Desktop Services RDP and Ping ICMP Through Windows Firewall–Step-By-Step

Create Firewall Rules in Windows 7 thru Windows Server 2012 R2  to allow RDP and ICMP traffic for you have to open “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security” control panel applet.  You can get here by typing “firewall” in the search … Continue reading

May 23

How To Enable Snipping Tool, Windows Media Player and more Desktop Experience Tools on Windows Server 2008-2012 R2

Are you annoyed that you cannot play videos or use some of the cool windows tools like snipping tool with windows server?  Well, you can, they just have to be enabled before you can use them.  Below are instructions for … Continue reading

Sep 02

Advanced Memory Management in a Virtual World – Not All Memory Management is Equal #VMWOrMS #VirtExpert Step-By-Step

Welcome to another of our series of “VMware or Microsoft?” articles. Hyper-V 3 which is built into both the Free Hyper-V Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 (Standard and Datacenter) which you can evaluate for free (free ISO, free VHD), … Continue reading

Apr 10

Automatically Deploy System Center 2012 in Just a Couple Hours; Need Hardware, Use Azure #MMS2013 All FREE!

First off, if you do not have System Center 2012, you can download a free evaluation from System Center 2012.  You will need Windows Server 2012 which you can also download (ISO, VHD) for free. If you do not have … Continue reading

Apr 10

Migrating Servers, Including VMware Virtual Machines to Hyper-V Easily and Automatically Many Tools Available including MVMC Automation Toolkit (MAT)

Do you have VMware servers that you would like to migrate to Hyper-V.  Well, that is easy.  There is a “Solution Accelerator” that makes it very easy.   the Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter (MVMC) is a simple GUI tool that gets … Continue reading

Mar 26

Hyper-V LIVE! TechNet Radio, ITProGuru vs. And Virtualization Series Experts #VirtExperts brings you Hyper-V LIVE (Part 2 of 2)

TechNet Radio, ITProGuru vs and Become a Virtualization Expert with 20 + Days of Server Virtualization #VirtExpert (part 6b of 20+) have teamed up to bring you Hyper-V Live!  Dan Stolts and Microsoft MVP Rob McShinsky are back for part … Continue reading