TechNet Radio: Modernizing Your Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud – Planning Hybrid Cloud Virtualization

In part 4 of our “Modernizing Your Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud” series, Blain Barton and Keith Mayer tackle the topic of virtualization in a Hybrid Cloud environment. Tune in as they discuss how virtualization is no longer constrained to the physical capacity of an on-premise environment and then showcase some tools and techniques that are available in Microsoft Azure that can help assist your move to Hybrid cloud virtualization.

• [1:26] What do you see as some of the differences or new opportunities that IT Pros need to consider when planning virtualization for a Hybrid Cloud environment?
• [3:31] How do traditional IT Pro virtualization skills translate into Hybrid Cloud?
• [5:05] When planning Hybrid Cloud virtualization, how should IT Pros approach it?
• [8:01] You mentioned Azure Pack – what is that?
• [10:51] If I already have an existing Hyper-V environment with custom VM templates defined, can I leverage them with Azure Pack?
• [11:03] DEMO: Let’s see some of this in action

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