Latest Amazing review on Windows Phone 8

The Windows Phone 8 OS has been creating ripples in the smartphone market since its release on October 29, 2012 by Microsoft. With its unique Live-tile based design, it carved a niche for itself in the smartphone market dominating the Android and iOS devices. The listed below are a few features and user reviews.

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What’s new?

The Windows Phone8 has integrated with new features like Microsoft account, support to advanced format (full 4K), native USB 3.0 and so on. Several flaws experienced in its former version were rectified. It includes a new interface following a design language– “Metro” which is well optimised for touch screens.


Much of the rich experience that the OS gives is Windows NT kernel. By default it is set to “hybrid boot”.


The tile-based interface looks spectacular with new customisation options for the home screen. The feature for expanding and shrinking Live Tiles is very beautiful and gives you an experience unlike anything found on any other OS. Multi-tasking is supported, but only for the apps that come inbuilt with the OS. The transition between different apps is very quick. There is a new menu bar option that is incorporate and is usually known as “charm bar”. The interface manages various file operations, avoids collision between file names, and conflicts copied files.

Hardware and resolution support:

Just like many other high-end OS’s, it supports multiple screen resolutions and multi-core processors; this requires the hardware on which it runs to be more sophisticated. It also supports DivX/XviD resolution, which plays crystal-clear videos.


IE 10 is the default browser that supports hardware acceleration, CSS3 and HTML5.


 Latest versions of the connectivity features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC and USB Mass Storage only make the data transfer more easier. The NFC feature allowed high-speed data transfer between two Windows devices by just bringing them closer.


The graphics are brilliant owing to the DirectX support. When coupled with powerful hardware, the OS supports almost all high-end 3D games.


The main drawback of this OS is that it offers only a few number of apps when compared to its counterparts Android and IOS offer. There is a need to build several popular apps like Android’s ‘PPI Claim Calculator’ that is helping thousands of people who are mis-sold the PPI insurance to go for the PPI Claims.

Special features:

 Several useful apps that come pre-loaded with the device made the OS even friendlier. Some of them are:

1) Kids’ Corner:

This feature allows someone to use your phone as a guest user while not being able to access your apps or data. It is helpful while allowing children to play with your phone.

2) Wallet:

This app enables to carry out transactions through credit and debit cards that are stored on your phone. It can also be used to purchase apps from the Windows Phone Store; and used to store loyalty cars and sales coupons.


This app can be used to contact or see Twitter and Facebook updates of selected groups.

Overall, the Windows Phone 8 received wide acclaim for its beautiful design and brilliant features and is for sure to occupy a fair share in the smartphone market. To know more information regarding the latest smart technology you can refer the  sky helpline  , which deals with the satellite TV, phone, radio  and broadcasting services

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