Setup A Windows Azure Web Server For Your Windows 8 Privacy Policy in Five Minutes (or Less)

One of my friends on the developer side of the house created an outstanding post on how to create a Windows Azure website to host a privacy policy for a windows 8 application.  Jim really made this very complex problem a super simple 9 step process.  See his post Set up Your Windows 8 Privacy Policy in Five Minutes (or Less) for a detailed step-by-step.  The following is covered in his article.


  • Get your free Windows Azure account

  • Create a Windows Azure Web Site

  • Download your Publishing Profile

  • Record your FTP publication information

  • Write your privacy policy

  • Access your Windows Azure Web Site via FTP

  • Copy your local privacy policy to the FTP folder

  • Add the link to your application profile

  • Add the privacy policy to your application’s Settings

  • Don’t stop there! Build a community around your app

You’ve got access to an IIS-hosted Web Site in the cloud – free – so make the most of it. In Step 7 above, you’ll notice the Description section of the app profile also requests a website URL and even requires support contact info, which could also be a website.

Between Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web and WebMatrix, you have free IDEs available that can deploy ASP, ASP.NET, Node.js, and PHP sites directly to your Windows Azure Web Site. Beyond that you could spin up an instance of a CMS like WordPress or Drupal and host a great landing spot for new and existing users of your application.


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