IE9 Security Overwhelms the Field With VERY Impressive Stats

In a recent test, NSS subjected Apple Safari 5, Google Chrome 15-19, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and Mozilla Firefox 7-13 to over 3 million test runs against over 84,000 URLs determined to be active and malicious out of a unique sample set of 227,841.

· Out of 750,000 test cases per browser, NSS labs found in its 75-day review that

o IE9’s malware block rate was 95%

o Firefox and Safari trailed far behind at 6% apiece

o Chrome was somewhere in the middle, with its rate varying from 13% to 74%, averaging out at a 33% catch rate

“Given Chrome’s prominence and increasing market share, we predict ongoing increases in click fraud unless Google takes serious steps to improve its click-fraud protection,” says Stefan Frei, research director of NSS Labs.


Sources: (free reports available here)