Hyper-V Replica Step-By-Step #VirtExpert Virtualization Experts (Series Part 22)

Hyper-V 3 which is built into both the Free Hyper-V Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 (Standard and Datacenter) which you can evaluate for free (free ISO, free VHD), has some really awesome capabilities.  You can read more about Hyper-V in the overview of the Server Virtualization Expert Series: Hyper-V […]

FREE Hands-on “Virtual Study Halls” with Live Expert Q&A

NEW HOURS! Based on popular demand, we’ve updated the hours for “Early Experts” Virtual Study Hall assistance – Fridays each week from 11AM to 1PM Eastern Time. – – – – – – – – – – There’s so many cool features to explore in the latest Windows infrastructure offerings […]

Virtualization Deep Dive Day 2013 – Thursday March 14th in Cambridge MA–Make your knowledge and Career a priority

The Fifth Annual Virtualization Deep Dive Day is on. Deep Dive Day is a multi-track event with experts from around the country providing great technical talks covering just about every form of virtualization there is. Whether you are new to virtualization, or want the deep technical details on the latest […]

Become a Virtualization Expert with 20 + Days of Server Virtualization #VirtExpert @ITProGuru (Part 0 of 20+)

Abstract: Scenario based – How to do “this”… In this blog post series, we will show you “HOW” to perform tasks using scenario-based simulations. If you are already familiar with virtualization using non-Microsoft technologies, we will provide you a ramp to quickly understanding how to operate and manage a Microsoft […]

Huge Wave of Technology Events Coming to the North East

New Meetup Group created to simplify reporting and management of event notifications.  Please take a couple minutes to join the group at Date Where / Registration Time Event Description 2/26/2013 Farmington, CT  Microsoft 9a-4pm IT Camp – Server 2012  (Hands On) Most Monday’s Office Hours with ITProGuru Dan Stolts […]

Inside Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Replica With How To Setup and Configure Step-By-Step

Understanding Hyper-V Replica Hyper-V Replica is new in Windows Server 2012. It is an asynchronous, virtual machine replication technology that is designed for business continuity and disaster recovery. Using Hyper-V Replica, you can replicate a virtual machine from one location to another using just Hyper-V and a network connection, as […]

TechNet Radio: ITProGuru vs. Virtualization Community with Chris Harney

Dan Stolts welcomes Chris Harney from the Virtualization Technology Users Group (VTUG) as they discuss how his user group community recently expanded their virtualization platform knowledge beyond VMware to now include Microsoft Hyper-V. Tune in as they chat about their transition from a VMware only shop and how members are […]

Utilizing PowerShell for Integrating Active Directory into Windows Azure Virtual Machines (Part 23 or 31) by Tommy Patterson

The 23rd edition of 31 Days of Server (VMs) in the Cloud is now live at Utilizing PowerShell for Integrating Active Directory into Windows Azure Virtual Machines  In this edition, Tommy Patterson explains Step-By-Step and command-by-command how you can utilizing PowerShell for Integrating Active Directory into Windows Azure Virtual Machines. […]