Aug 15

SharePoint Saturday New Hampshire 09-24-2011

Registration is now open for our 1st SharePoint Saturday New Hampshire, which will be held on Saturday, September 24, 2011 at Southern New Hampshire University in Hooksett/Manchester. The speaker and session lists have been published as well.  See the SharePoint … Continue reading

Jun 14

Microsoft Virtualization And Cloud Certification Community Study Group

Microsoft Virtualization and Cloud Certification Study Group(s)     in this post… Study Group Proposal Why Get Certified What Are Microsoft Virtualization Certification Options? Browse Certification Catalog for additional certification options More certification information of value More virtualization and cloud … Continue reading

Sep 30

How To Successfully Deliver Presentations for Community Leaders and Professional Speakers – Drive Satisfaction and Impact at Your Events

Overview: There is no silver bullet when it comes to successfully delivering content at live events and getting great scores. It actually takes a whole bunch of things. The more you do well, the better the score and impact on … Continue reading

Sep 15

Scale Your Message Online Improving Blog Exposure and Increase Reach of Your Message by Driving Traffic to Your Content By Dan Stolts

I have had many people over the last month ask what I have been doing to have success in increasing traffic to my blog and other online content. This post highlights my answer to them.  You may not be able … Continue reading

Jun 02

Microsoft Community Leaders Ready To Help With Community Driven Events And Training Opportunities

Microsoft IT Pro Evangelists are ready to help. With the many staffing changes over the last 8 months or so Microsoft has increased the number of “Community Leaders” in the IT Pro Space.  As little as a year ago there … Continue reading

Jan 22

Are You Giving Enough To Your Community? We Need Your Help Running Community Technology User Groups And Events

Do you have a New Years Resolution?  If not, or you would just like one you can keep, I would love to help you help your community.  There are literally thousands of community groups all over the country and all … Continue reading

Jun 17

What is an IT Pro Evangelist Anyway? defines an evangelist as “a person marked by evangelical enthusiasm for or support of any cause” (   Merriam Webster defines evangelist as,  “an enthusiastic advocate <an evangelist for physical fitness>” (   At Microsoft the IT Pro Evangelist … Continue reading