Setup Azure Pass for user who belongs to an Organization Account (AAD) Step-By-Step   Recently updated !

Organizational accounts (Azure Active Directory or Office 365 Accounts) are handled differently than standard Microsoft Accounts (LiveID). Also, they often have multi-factor authentication. Adding an Azure Pass to these types of an account is often not intuitive so here are the step-by-step instructions…   Step-By-Step… Image / FYI Information Description […]



What are Containers and Why Containerization an In-Depth Look at the Future of the Cloud and Virtualization Landscape

In this article, we will look at servers, containers and why containerization has become so popular.  On this journey we will also see where this technology is going and how long it will likely take to gain mainstream adoption. Virtualization Technologies and How They Differ In order to understand containers, […]

Boston Apr-5 TechNet on Tour | What’s new in Hybrid IT Infrastructure   Recently updated !

Seats still available… What are you waiting for?  This is an AWESOME Event!!!   TechNet on Tour | What’s new in Hybrid IT Infrastructure DATE: Apr 05, 2016 TIME: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM REGISTER: Increasing efficiency and scalability with Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft cloud   Prepare to […]

ITProGuru Events & Thought Leadership 2016-03 Cloud System Architecture & Security   Recently updated !

View Online:; Prior versions: Jan’16, Feb’16, Mar’16 IT Pro Events & Thought Leadership Microsoft Official Newsletter 3/21/2016 Edition: 2016 Vol 3 Jump to: TechNet Events ♦ Online ♦ Community Events ♦ Third Party Events ♦ Subscribe Now ♦ What’s Next ♦ TechNet On Tour ♦ Awesomeness Featured Awesomeness ♦ […]

Announcing: Microsoft Events and Thought Leadership in your Inbox Now Available – Now You Can Get LUCKY!

Keep up with industry trends, how we should be thinking about our business, how technology changes coming will likely impact us and our business and plenty more.  Gain access to shortcuts in keeping up with technology, preparing yourself and your business for the future and much, much more. Did you […]

ITProGuru Events Newsletter 2016-02 Iowa Caucus app, Free Azure Architect Training, Talent Gap and MUCH MORE

Previously: Jan Edition,  Feb Edition, … View Online Current Version at ITProGuru Events  Microsoft Official Newsletter 2/18/2016 Edition: 2016 Vol 2 Jump to: ♦ TechNet Events ♦ Online ♦ Community Events ♦ Third Party Events ♦ Subscribe Now ♦ What’s Next ♦ Events by Regions coming soon ♦ New […]

SQL Database Enable Geo Replication in Azure Portal

Designing your application for business continuity requires you to answer the following questions: Which business continuity feature is appropriate for protecting my application from outages? What level of redundancy and replication topology do I use? When to use Geo-Restore SQL Database provides a built-in basic protection of every database by […]