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Networking Configurations for Hyper-V over SMB in Windows Server 2012 R2

Dan Stolts and Jose Barreto are back and in this episode as they discuss networking configurations for Hyper-V over SMB in Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2. Tune in as they chat about how networks should be configured as well as provide several scenarios and best practices.

  • [2:21] Let’s do a quick recap of SMB is and what Hyper-V over SMB is
  • [4:59] How do we configure the network for Hyper-V over SMB?
  • [10:14] Can we piggy back roles onto a small number of networks?
  • [15:00] Do we have to use RDMA nics? if we do have them, should we use them?  What are the most important components to use RDMA if we are limited to the number of RDMA nics we have?
  • [19:12]  How does Quality of Service play in the networking configuration?
  • [27:40]  What are the different types of RDMA nics and what do each do?
  • [31:36]  What best practices can you share with us?

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One thought on “Networking Configurations for Hyper-V over SMB in Windows Server 2012 R2

  1. Dan, good tech talk. Jose’s throughput numbers seem to be only based on an actual division of 8 – Gigabits vs Gigabytes. Do you have any real world test results such as by using IOmeter?

    A high end Fibre channel SAN is going to have controllers that have a much higher iOPPS of through put then a SAS / SATA / SCSI card, will it not? Doesn’t TCP/IP have overhead that Fibre Channel does not?

    Brocade, Emulex, and Qlogic , Fiber Channel vendors is releasing 32gbs in 2015, and you can bond / trunk, 8Gb / 16Gb and 32gb Fibre Channel into two bonded channels to increase throughput.

    Jose F. Medeiros
    The Unemployed IT Guy!