Need Software For Your NEW Business? BizSpark Offers Help NOW

Thought Leadership & Events

Microsoft’s BizSpark program is an excellent way to get free software for your new business.  Here is some of what it offers:



  • 3 years free software/Development Tools
  • Windows Azure Credits $200 first month/$150 thereafter


  • Professional technical and product support
  • Unique offers from Network Partners


  • Profile, Offers and Events
  • Connection to the ecosystem
  • Opportunities for showcase, visibility (events, social media)


Did you notice the Free Windows Azure?  Yes, $200 first month/$150 thereafter of Azure services.  Need help getting started with Windows Azure?  Check out: Getting Started With Windows Azure–Step-By-Step  Lots more Azure step-by-step posts coming soon!!!


There are limitations on the program…

Your startup must be:

  • Developing Software?
  • Privately held?
  • Less than 5 years old?
  • Making less than US $1M in annual revenue?

Check out the full details at: BizSpark