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Hands-on Lab: Build a SharePoint Dev-Test Farm in the Cloud using Windows Azure Infrastructure Services (Part 0 – Introduction)

Windows Azure Infrastructure Services provides cloud-based storage, virtual networks and virtual machines that can be provisioned on-demand to support lab, pilot or production application workloads. In this multi-part Step-By-Step hands on lab format we will walk you through the entire process.  The introduction and index post can be found at: Hands-on Lab: Build a SharePoint Dev-Test Farm in the Cloud using Windows Azure Infrastructure Services (Part 0 – Introduction) 

In this Hands-on Lab, you’ll build a functional Dev/Test lab environment for SharePoint Server 2013 that consists of three virtual machines on a common virtual network running in Windows Azure Infrastructure Services.

In this Step-By-Step Hand on Lab Guide, you will learn how to:

1.      Get Started with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services

2.      Register a DNS Server in Windows Azure

3.      Define a Virtual Network in Windows Azure

4.      Configure Windows Server Active Directory in a Windows Azure VM

5.      Configure SQL Server 2012 in a Windows Azure VM

6.      Configure SharePoint Server 2013 in a Windows Azure VM

7.      Wrap up and SAVE SOME TIME & MONEY!!!

8.      Challenge Exercise: Scripted Provisioning with Windows PowerShell [Coming Soon!]

Estimated time to complete: 1 hour, 45 minutes  You can download the .Docx version of the lab guide here

You’ll be leveraging our Windows Azure FREE Trial Subscription program to build a free cloud-based lab environment for SharePoint Server 2013. 

Lab Requirements

The following components are required to successfully complete this Hands-on Lab:

·        A modern web-browser with HTML5 and Javascript enabled

·        Remote Desktop Client connection software

·        Internet connectivity

In addition, this hands-on lab guide assumes that lab participants are comfortable with performing the steps involved in implementing Windows Server 2012 and Active Directory in an on-premises datacenter environment.  But, if you have questions along the way, feel free to ask today’s presenter for assistance!

Lab Conventions

In this lab, we’ll be using a naming convention of XXXlabYYY01, where XXX will be replaced with your unique initials and YYY will be replaced with an abbreviation representing the function of a virtual machine or Windows Azure configuration component (ad, db or app).

Next Step: Get Started with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services

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