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TechNet Radio: ITProGuru vs. Hyper-V Live with Rob McShinsky (Part 1 of 2)

Are you up to speed on Hyper-V Live?  Dan Stolts welcomes Microsoft MVP Rob McShinsky to the show as they discuss the new “Live” features found in Hyper-V for Windows Server 2012. Tune in for part one of their two part series as they’ll demo for us the Live Add Memory and Live Snapshot Merging capabilities. Guru Tip! Check out all of the Live Features in Hyper-V!



  • [5:49] DEMO: Live Add Memory

    • What is it?: The ability to increase maximum memory to a VM while it is running. (Can also lower Minimum memory)
    • Prerequisites : VM must be using Dynamic Memory
    • Available in previous version of Hyper-V: No
    • What to look out for: Watch available disk space where volume is placed. .BIN file will grow.
    • How it could be better: Currently cannot reduce the amount of memory from a running VM.
    • Powerhell: Get-Vm “VMNAME” | Set-VMMemory -MaximumBytes 2gb


  • [11:56 ] DEMO: Live Snapshot Merging

    • What is it?: A recovery point that saves the state, data, and hardware configuration of a VM without downtime to the VM, but it is NOT a backup
    • Prerequisites : Must be performed before any changes!!!
    • Available in previous version of Hyper-V: No (Downtime was needed for merge)
    • What to look out for:
    • Watch available disk space where volume is placed. .AVHD(X) file will grow until merged.
    • Merging of large files can take a considerable amount of time. You should delete snapshot as soon as you can.
    • Powershell:
      • Remove-VMSnapshot “VMName”
      • Get-VMSnapshot “VMName” | Where-Object {$ -eq “SNAPNAME”} | Remove-VMSnapshot

Check back Later when Dan and Rob will cover:

  • Live Storage Migration
  • Live Migration
  • Live Migration without Shared Storage
  • Multiple Live Migrations
  • Cluster Node Live Evacuations/Pause
  • MORE!

Guru Tip! Check out all of the Live Features in Hyper-V!

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