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How To Pin An Internet Website Address or Other Application To The Windows 7 Task Bar

Covered in this article:

  1. Pin Website to Windows 7 Taskbar Using IE9
  2. Pin website or application to Windows 7 Taskbar without IE9
  3. Pin Multiple websites to a single IE Icon on the Taskbar 

If you have Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) and want to do a website it is very easy.  Just click the icon in the address bar and drag it to the task bar.


Notice when you do this, you actually get the icon of the website instead of the IE icon

If you do not have IE9 it is a few steps…

The first thing you need to do is create a shortcut to the application or website.  In my example I am going to use a website.  To do this Right-click the desktop and select New Shortcut


In the next box you can either browse to the program or type it into the box.  In my case, I will just type in the location to iExplore.exe for Internet Explorer.


“C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe” then any parameters that the application needs.  In my case, I want IE to go to a particular website (instead of my home page) so I am going to type in that web address.  If you just put the URL in the box you can still pin it to the task bar but all websites that you have pinned will be pinned under a single IE icon.  By putting the full location and then the parameter you can create separate icons.  If you get some bogus error like c:\”C:\program does not exist just cancel out and try it again.  I have seen this a couple times when the first time I entered it the path was not available.  You can also bypass this issue by browsing for the application (iexplore.exe).

In my case I am putting in the following:

“C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe”


On the next screen give it a name and click finish




Next Just drag that shortcut Icon onto the task bar to “pin to taskbar”


If you used just a website for the Location “” for the application you will get “Pin To Internet Explorer” instead of a separate icon for each application


So, if you want to have multiple websites pined to the task bar but under a single Icon, just use the URL for the location box when creating the shortcut.

Hope this helps!

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