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Dan Stolts “ITProGuru” is a technology expert who is a master of systems management, DevOps and security. He is Chief Technology Strategist for Microsoft, owns several businesses and is a published author. Reach him on his primary blog http://itproguru.com or twitter @ITProGuru. He is a proven leader of teams, people and projects.
He is proficient in many datacenter technologies (Windows Server, System Center, Virtualization, Cloud, etc.) and holds many certifications including MCT, MCITP, MCSE, TS, etc. Dan is currently specializing in DevOps and cloud technologies. Dan is and has been a very active member of the user group community. Dan is an enthusiastic advocate of technology and is passionate about helping others. See more at: http://itproguru.com/about

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Dan Stolts is also known as the “IT Pro Guru” (ITProGuru) – IT Pro Guru? What is a ITProGuru anyway? IT is short for Information Technology; Pro is short for Professional; Guru is… According to Dictionary.com = 3. any person who counsels or advises; mentor 4. a leader in a particular field. Therefore, ITProGuru is a leader in the information technology field and a mentor of IT Professionals.

ITProGuru Personal Mission: Help the Information Technology Community solve technical problems. Teach IT professionals how they can solve problems, save time, save money and build their own technical prowess. Grow the technology community by helping and teaching others how they can be part of something that is much bigger than the sum of its parts. Help community leaders build and grow the community. Follow and share best practices provided by world leaders such as Stephen R. Covey, Dale Carnegie and others.
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